Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poetry at House of Rachel's Children, Rachel Tomb Walled Complex. Write to bring heaven home

You’re Invited by Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, formed in 1995 ( Beit Bnei Rachel, the RCRF majority owned property in the Rachel Tomb Walled Complex just down the road past the Women’s section which RCRF named Derech Chaya Rachel. Refreshments.

WEDNESDAY March 26 and Every Wednesday 11am via 10:00 am Egged #163 bus or car: Tea and Torah with ATARA GUR, Rachel Imeinu Scholar continues her in depth, highly researched classes on Rachel Imeinu and the early sources. Learning Rachel is a like looking at the world from its center. Don’t miss her lectures which are part of a forthcoming book, Rachel

THURSDAY, March 27 and Every Thursday, 10am via 8:30 am 9:00 am Egged Bus #163 or car: Join the House of Rachel Poets Circle. Brunch and Learn with ESTHER CAMERON, Editor of Deronda Review. Esther will lead an in depth poetry group to raise us to the heights for civilization. Have you read Daniel Deronda by George Eliot? Bring your poem, a published poem and your writing on the parasha hashavua. Group participation is so meaningful and inspiring.

INFO:, 054-2242649, Atara 0504142611, Esther 058-7991676, Annie 054-6323066

PRESS RELEASE the women groups learning in The House of Rachel’s Children are delving into the depth of our Essentially Rachel to rise to the heights for civilization.
by Evelyn Haies, Founder and President of RCRF 1995 and Bnei Rachel Corp 2001
Some say its philosophy, the mechanics of the mind that directs a solution. Some say its poetry, the music of the heart and soul that breathes a solution. We are presenting poetry draped in Torah as a tapestry for life, love and living.
As we sat in the House of Rachel's Children, we found a common ground, a higher ground with like minded poets, in the realm of the historical place where Rachel died on the way and was buried, where Benjamin was born, where Joseph wept and prayed as he passed being led into exile, where David poetized His reality, suffering from men, praying to HaShem, rallying with his prayers and the encouragement of The Rock of our salvation.

We, too, on Thursday, March 20, 2014 were encouraged by the
power of the word rooted in the power of the Almighty. Mindy, an editor of Deronda Review, and author of The Land That Fills My Dreams ( available for sale by the author read her poem Leah, "How shall I dance before my younger sister?" she did not describe jealousy but emphasized acts of humanity, giving self for sister. Annie spoke her mother's poem of pain and how it taught greatness. Evelyn read her poem "Rebellious Korach" about his self accolades causing Hashem to wipe him out, leaving no room for the accuser who wanted to be ruler. Esther, author of Fortitude or the Lost Language of Justice, presented a poem that you can see, feel and find resolution.

We are looking for a minyan of women to read their poems, chose anothers and comment on the parasha of the week. We are planning a newsletter, a magazine and raising our spirits and the world with prayer, praise and promise to reach above the commonplace, the crude and be an active group of writers involved in worldly issues and worldy solutions with the help of connecting with Hashem. If you have connected, we need you and if you haven't you need us. Join as the women who write for Rachel express their voice, break the silence, shout and cry and bring simcha from the depths of poetry to rise to the heights for civilization.

Esther Cameron invites you to be encouraged by the power of the word rooted in the power of the Almighty despite a setting dressed in Biblical Art still, sadly, reflects the brokenness of the world. Those who in defiance of court orders have occupied (their word) the property of the Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation continue to vandalize and disturb. But, as is well known in the spiritual world, such resistance is a sign that something truly significant is being attempted.
We will meet regularly at the House of Rachel's Children and publish your poetry in a newsletter. We have the support of the magazine edited by Esther and Mindy, The Deronda Review. We hope that our group will be the nucleus of an association of writers who will raising our spirits and the world with prayer, praise and promise, reach above the commonplace and the crude and who will be involved in worldly issues and worldly solutions with the help of connecting with Hashem.
Come write for Rachel. If you can't be there in person, send us your poems, and we'll include them in our newsletter. But try to come! Our presence there holds a space open for hope and justice and the vision of the kingdom of the Almighty.

In the merit of the righteous women, we will overcome.

“Except for those two
Consumed by their own false fire
Aaron stood silent”

"Women will fix the world :
be eyes, ears, mentality .
to bring heaven home".

Give our truthful deeds renown,
That we may feel our struggles as a birth
In winter darkness we are called to light.

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