Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Evelyn Haies, ©April 24 2014
They say not to embarrass the Jew by reporting his misdemeanors
However, the Holy Tanach is the full of stories of the schemers
The tellers of false tales, thieves, murderers, all that is  gory
To remind His people to be righteous; that misdeeds are not glorious.

Many say to hide the evil amongst us so as not to shame His people
However, the Holy Book is a document of evil and libel
The Cains, the Ishmaels, the Esaus are guilty of killing, stealing, misdoing
The selling of Josef reminds His people of the pain  of pursuing evil.

Hashem has given a protocol for deeds and actions.
However, those off the derech must repent or suffer the ramifications
Infractions by the cohanim are the most unholy, are tumah
Misactions by all are a desecration of Gd’s name and cause trauma,

The Commandments are a roadmap for living
And self criticism is a means of teaching His directions
Corruption, Disruption, misgiving lead to an eruption from defection
Remember, not abiding magnifies floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides

Let us criticize, demonize, punish to prevent the demented
Let us praise those who raise the nation to apprehend those who disregard His laws
Let us praise those who raise their children to keep the laws as He intended
Remember, there are special days for counting and appraising.

As we count the Omer keep a record to welcome Shavous
There must be restriction, depiction, conviction, eviction
There must be alleviation, revelation, elevation
Remember there is wrong, and there must be a righting of wrongs.

The Jew has a responsibility to elevate Gd
However, disregard for HaShem, one’s fellow man, the laws and the lessons
Is because of the failure to blame, disdain, shame and correct the derelect

Teshuva is the selection for rectification; only with disclosure can there be reclamation

Friday, April 4, 2014


by Evelyn Haies
copyright 2014

Studying the vort on leprosy, it’s not just the skin. 
Watching all the people walk by, 
Hardly making an impression 
And suddenly an indication 
With them there’s something wrong. 
Your sense of security feels an impurity 

Learning of Miriam, a sister like a mother 
Who saved her brother; 
A child like a prophet, 
She admonished her father to not divorce her mother 
She scolded her brother who hurt another 
Her sense of perfection led to her infection. 

Analyzing that features on the face portray an attitude 
Who is cruel, will steal, betray and be rude. 
A stranger like a menace 
With skin diseased as if it was just the surface 
With diagnosis so obvious 
The recognition is a definition more is to the story. 

The physical is a mirror of the spiritual behind, 
Rash, abrupt, ruptured; soft, calm, pacified, good, kind. 
By word of mouth, wrong of hand, a slight mistake 
Test of should, would and could makes a difference 
With society offended, inequities a consequence 
The punishment is isolation and desolation 

Socializing requires compromising: some will; some won’t 
With the outside closing out 
With the inside showing in 
Allocations are made for violations 
From seven days to more by score 
There can be right and the end to blight. 

Healing is a matter of behavior 
A correction by the Savior. 
A selection unselected 
When electing good and betterment 
When choosing social graces 
And ethics as a basis.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Motzai Shabbat, April 5th at 8:30pm at the Maalei Adumim home of Ze'ev and Annie Orenstein, 56 Mitzpeh Nevo Apt 9 for a Hebrew screening of the documentary: "Dam Kadosh,

Motzai Shabbat, April 5th at 8:30pm at the Maalei Adumim home of Ze'ev and Annie Orenstein, 56 Mitzpeh Nevo Apt 9 for a Hebrew screening of the documentary: "Dam Kadosh,


Please join us THIS Motzai Shabbat, April 5th at 8:30pm at the Maalei Adumim home of Ze'ev and Annie Orenstein, 56 Mitzpeh Nevo Apt 9 for a Hebrew screening of the documentary:
"Dam Kadosh, Holy Blood" -- Part 4, Kever Rachel

פרק אחרון בסדרה הדוקומנטרית שבמרכזה המקומות הקדושים שהפכו ללב הסכסוך העמוק והבלתי פוסק בין יהודים למוסלמים: הר הבית, קבר יוסף, מערת המכפלה וקבר רחל

"Holy blood" is a series documentary centered around holy sites that have become the heart of the conflict between Jews and Muslims: Temple Mount, Joseph's Tomb, the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb.

Kever Rachel is Part 4 of this series which aired on Israel's Channel 10 in July of 2013.

Welcome 8:30-8:45
Opening remarks between 8:45-9:00pm
Annie Orenstein, Welcome, "Why I got involved, and why you should too!"
Evelyn Haies, Founder of Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation, 1995, Majority owner of Beit Bnei Rachel, "The Future of Kever Rachel"
Esther Cameron, Editor of the Deronda Review, will share with us her vision for the Thursday, 10:30am Poetry Share at Beit Bnei Rachel.

Screening and Questions 9-10pm ״דם קדוש״
Questions with Evelyn Haies in English/ Hebrew to follow.

Light refreshments.

For more information, please contact Annie Orenstein 054-632-3066.

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