Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great News: After years of petitioning there is now an 8:30 AM bus to Kever Rachel.

RACHEL'S CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION 1995-2014+ IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE Egged had initiated a new bus to Rachel's Tomb. It leaves the Central Station a 8:30 am. it is a double bus.
RCRF is inviting you to participate in our new programs.

This Tuesday, the Efrat group  will host a shiur. the group began hosting shiurim in Memory of our Dear Friend Sara Blaustein HYD in 2001/2002. There will be a bus from Efrat and a  Shiur in Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel's Children.  The shiurim which were once a week are now on tuesdays closest to Rosh Chodesh.

This and every Wednesday at 11am via Egged bus leaving Central Station at 10am, join a women's learning group under the tutelage of Atara Gur, the Rachel Imeinu Scholar par excellence. The topics includes Rachel, Righteous Women and the Holidays,

This and every Thursday, leaving on the new 8:30am Egged #163 bus, you will arrive for a 9:30 am Torah Reading to be followed by a seuda and learning session: ACT AND REACT. MUSSAR AND TEHILLIM for living a more righteous life. Bring your minyan. Arrange to lead the Reading in the building detached from Rachel's Tomb but still within the Rachel Tomb Walled Complex. Come pray, learn, Amen and be inspired.

Inquire about RCRF Hafrassat Challah sessions, life cycle events, your shosted programs and sponsorings.

Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2014+. a 501c3 and majority owner of Bnei Rachel Inc and the other attached companies.  60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235, 718-648-2610. In Israel 054-224-2649

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