Sunday, August 24, 2014

Haftorah Devarim

                         Haftorah Devarim
                                                                           By Evelyn Hayes
                                                                          (c)  August 3, 2014 
 “Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and her returnees with righteousness” Isaiah 1:1-27

A liberalism is a rebellion against the commandments of G-d
A liberalism is a me-ism that thinks it is commander, not the L-rd
Offspring  not of the Mothers and Fathers, holding their heritage in disregard.
Offspring  forsaking, participating in a war against their Biblical accord.

Forgetting Sodom, Forgetting Gemorrah. rejecting the Torah
Forgetting the sacrifices and making themselves corruptors
Suffering the consequences of their impurities
Suffering the pain from their immaturities

Losing the link, resisting and insisting
Losing the link, following and bowing
No matter the warnings against their distortions
No matter the calamities of their abortions.

Purification is a must to restore the allegiance
Purification is a rectification for the unbalance
No more lust, kidnapping, killing, bribery, thievery, distrust,
No More Evil will lead to No More Upheaval

A recommitment to justice, love and positive action
A recommitment to caring and sharing, a healing faction
Validation with the tehillim of David, Solomon’s wisdom
Validation by true judges to re-establish His kingdom.

A weakness from slavery was strengthened by bravery
A weakness from slavery is the path to mastery
True freedom has red lights and spotlights
True freedom is righteousness that is the forebearer of rights.

A fortitude from the teachings of the elders
A fortitude because their derech is of the believers
Working for Hashem is all freedom and glory
Working with Hashem is creation, goodness, the Biblical story.  

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