Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dear Sons of Israel, Ima Rachel’s Children

Dear Sons of Israel, Ima Rachel’s Children    
Your smiles of goodness, trust in the future are a stamp on our minds, a cradle for our hearts,  
are so sublime.                                       
Your faces with affirmation, love of life, family, Eretz Hachodesh make you the precious ones of all, with all, for all.                                       
Your victimization is Israel's victimization,
is an ancient unholy story.  
WE cry.       
Your victory is Israel's victory.
You will live forever.                                    
You led us to care together without compromise.                                
Sadly settlement is compromised and abused. Evil is excused.
We choose the Torah. They choose to say no to creation, being, living, motivation, magnificence, They say no to law, no to life, no to giving, no to truth, to being.
We have survived the murdering, massacring, genocidal nations and unnations just for themselves, no others, against Jews, life, liberty, loveliness, raging with hate, enraged with any excuse to abuse, misusing and murdering themselves and others, proclaiming reverse crusades, nullifying peace.
When the world remembers the kidnappings, the stealing by not feeling, they will know His light, bright and right, humane and without pain
When Israel remembers its inheritance and its purpose, the world will know true peace. .        .                         
As there are many robots, mindless pawns of prime evil with anger fooling, rampaging and killing themselves to murder others,
you are the learning, knowing, feeling, yearning, growing, giving yourselves recreating ourselves, His people, blessed and with blessings for all.
May we smile for you, live because of you and be victorious in spite of them who lose, destroying to win the worthless.
In the merit of searching for you, caring, gathering, unified worldwide in prayer for eighteen days, losing you, we will keep you alive in our hearts and souls and win true peace by validation of our Torah mandate.  
Am Yisrael Chai.

Evelyn Chaya Haies, July 1, 2014 

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